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advancedloft-jimyIn 1982, I was then keeping fancy pigeon for several years and decided to visit my uncle, Victor Lim to look for Jacobins, (a fancy pigeon breed).

Unfortunately, my Uncle Victor no longer kept fancy pigeons. Instead he was actively involved in pigeon racing.

That’s when he encouraged me to join Philippine Homing Pigeon Association Inc. (PHA) and started to actively get involved in pigeon racing. This is how Advanced Hobbyist Loft was founded way back in 1982.

Pigeon competition during those days is not as difficult as it is today. Fanciers’ joined the races before just for the fun of it and for prestige.

Now, they joined because of the prizes which are very much bigger than before. This necessitated the importations of expensive pigeons.

Loft management had improved a lot. Fanciers’ focus and dedicate more time to the sports nowadays.

I enjoy racing pigeon competition more than entering my dogs and Koi in the shows. In here, there’s no judgment call, and competition is very fair. When you lose, there’s nothing to argue about. It’s one thing you can accept completely.

I have been breeding Koi, game fowls and canine but I consider my breeding program in racing pigeon as more advanced than my other “breeding” hobbies as I have fully developed my own strain through selective line and inbreeding.

advancedloft-pigeonI started line breeding my Crack 52 line way back in 1983 and my “Flying Machine” line in 1985. I’m still using these 2 lines up to the present and they have not deteriorated; as a matter of fact they have improved a lot more than the original foundation stocks.

When the inbreeding gets too close once in a while, I do infuse super winners which are related to them, to add more vigor in the blood.

At present I have 4 flyer lofts, 2 each for the North and South racers Cock and hens separated. Normally I enter 50 young birds and 30 old birds in each season. There are 9 breeders’ lofts where I keep my 120 pairs of breeders.

Lofts are cleaned twice a day. I have a loft man in charge of everything and 3 loft boys to assist him. Aside from these four boys, I employed 2 staff to do my private training.

Normally, I start breeding mid-December and end up by May. I do import a lot from Belgium & Netherlands, for infusion to my present strain.

Other Bloodlines Available :


  • Jos Thone
  • Gerard Koopman
  • Joseph Van Den Broucke
  • Aime Dewit Van Bunderen
  • Morris Gordon
  • P&P Philippens
  • Vrosch Meijers
  • Gerard Van Tuyl
  • F&K Van Riet
  • Filip Herbots
  • and more

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