Durango Sun – Stingray

“Majestic World of Spottie Dottie Rays”

durango1By January 2012, Jimi had become fascinated with the freshwater Stingray. Since there are only a few backyard freshwater Stingray breeders in the Philippine, Jimi decided to come up with a big and sophisticated freshwater Stingray breeding farm.

All the stingrays are kept in a temperature controlled room to assure of constant temperature. With a stable temperature, the rays do not get sick easily. They are housed in several concrete tanks, which are covered with ceramic tiles from wall to floor.

All concrete tanks have individual filtration system with Bakki shower, that replicates their natural habitat. The big rays are fed with frozen Dory and Salmon. Baby rays are fed with cleaned Tubiflex worms.

The farm houses several variety of rays such as Black Diamond, Galaxy, Leopoldi, Henlei, Pearl Ray, Motelo, Jaguar, Otorongo, Estrella, Hawaiian, Tigrillo, Hystrix, Falkneri, Flower Ray, Tiger Ray, Motoro Sp, and different kinds of hybrids.

We are proud to say that we are the biggest stingray farm in the country and we have the most number of varieties.