Advanced Hobbyist

“Quality Breeding Makes The Difference”

koi-village4Advanced Hobbyist Genetic Breeding Station was organized in March 9, 2002 and was later incorporated in July 1, 2005.

The main purpose of this company was to establish breeding farms as a hobby, but at the same time derive income from it.

The man behind this is Jaime “JIMI” Lim. His passion for genetic breeding was the main purpose of putting up these breeding stations.

The breeding stations have been set-up with the most sophisticated facilities and breeding stocks. It is a dream that has turned into reality.

Under the umbrella of Advanced Hobbyist Genetic Breeding Station, Inc., the following farms were established:

Koi Village

Hayashi Koi Farm






Pond Design and Construction

There are a lot of factors to consider in designing and constructing your pond. The key to achieving the cheapest and lasting pond is to build it ONCE- and build it RIGHT! Keep in mind that clean water does not merit a good environment for your kois- we strive for a balanced ecology.

pondWaterproofing is also a vital part in pond construction, a waterproof pond ensures it to be leak free which would not only prevent lost pond water but also prevents water from the soil to seep through that could contaminate the pond.

With years of experience in pond building, koi village can construct a state of the art pond for you to keep your kois happy and live longer lives.

Pond Maintenance

Owning a pond may be intimidating but don’t let a busy schedule hinder you. At koi village, we offer pond cleanout services.

With complete resources, experienced men, large holding vats and the best equipments – we can clean your pond and replace your fish all in the same day. Moreover, our expertise in pond cleanouts will not bring stress to your koi.

A healthy environment at a low price is a guarantee.