Fire Dragon – Aquatic Farm


“Where Future Champions Are Made”

The Fire-Dragon Aquatic Farm was formed on March 2008 in Masambong, Quezon City, but was devastated by the Ondoy floods in September 2009. It was a total loss, all the aquariums were damaged and all the fishes died.

fire-dragonBy March 2011, Jimi decided to revive the farm and had it transferred to residence in Intramuros so that he can have more time monitoring them. He also decided to shift to Discus breeding, which he feels is more challenging.

Discus is one of the most difficult fish to breed. It’s very hard to mate them since parent Discus usually eat their eggs and fry. Mortality rate in growing Discus is very high but the beautiful body shape and pattern makes them one of the most sought for by tropical fish hobbyist.

The temperature in the Discus room is stable at 29°C to 30°C. This temperature is ideal for Discus to keep them in top condition. Reverse osmosis water is used in the farm for the Discus breeders and tap water for growing out. Discus breed best in low PH, so a cistern tank was constructed to store all waste water from the reverse osmosis and water siphoned from the aquarium.

The waste water from the farm is used to water the plants in the garden and cleaning. This way there is no wastage of water.

All of Fire-Dragon farm’s Discus are imported stocks from Malaysia.

The farms which had been visited and Discus purchased from the following:

Ipoh: Tony Tan

Ipoh : Tony Tan


Kuala Lumpur : Jackson Keong


Kuala Lumpur : Jeff Tan


Kuala Lumpur : Xian Leng


Kuala Lumpur : Martin Ng


Penang : Chew Thean Yang


Penang : Chong SW


Penang : Dickson Lim


Penang : Heng Brothers


Penang : Kiang Farm


Penang : Kiat Farm


Penang : Lee Chee Fong


Penang : Lim Pei Hao


Penang : Lim Thena Alk


Penang : Robert Lim


Penang : Tan Joo Sheng